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“Cratos gives me freedom! I can go to another village, to see my father-in-law, or just go out for a bike ride.”

Some time ago, I suffered a stroke, which had an immense impact on me, as a 28-year-old mother. I almost immediately felt that something was seriously wrong, but I was still convinced that I would be allowed to return home quite quickly. In the end, it meant three weeks in hospital and a great deal of (daily) therapy. We are now 7.5 months down the road. The recovery is going slowly but I remain positive.

I live in a small village where everyone knows each other. I still feel a little uneasy cycling down the road on a tricycle. It’s nice (because I’m able to cycle again!) but a bit strange at the same time. Before the stroke, I used to cycle on two wheels, of course. Fortunately, the Cratos is a cool bike; the tricycles I had before were often a bit old fashioned.

Initially, it took some time to get used to cycling on a tricycle. Turning corners, for example, was a very strange sensation! You also have to be extra careful with curbs. But things soon began to improve once I’d taken my new bike out for a spin a few times. I’m so happy to have my freedom back! To get from point A to point B, to work on my endurance and to go on bike rides with my family. Currently, my husband (who is also named Thijs, coincidentally) uses the bike I had before the stroke with our daughter on the back and me riding next to them on my Cratos. I’m getting a seat fitted to my bike this month, so my little girl can sit on the back and we can go out together.

I like the Cratos very much and it attracts a lot of attention. The best thing about it is the motor, which has two power settings. Perfect for cycling uphill; the only thing you have to do is select the ‘high’ setting! The Cratos came at exactly the right time. You’re only eligible for a bike from the local council once you’re rehabilitated, which could have taken a long time. One other thing… The Cratos will soon have some competition! I’m currently looking into getting my driver’s licence back.

“All in all, I’d like to thank Huka for the good service and my father-in-law for entering the competition. I’m enjoying the freedom enormously!”

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